Breeders and kennels

We are the specialist for breeders and kennels! We offer a wide and specialized range of supplies for breeders and puppy owners, such as kennel panels, puppy kennels and puppy races and Europe’s largest selection of fat beds! You will also find in our extensive range for puppy trainers, heat lamps and fixtures.

We have ample experience with dogs and the breeding of dogs, so are you planning to breed a litter with your dog and wonder what exactly you need for this? Contact our customer service and one of our specialized staff will be happy to help you further!

Have you just purchased a puppy and are you looking for all supplies for the puppy? Then take a look at our Dog Shop! Here you will find everything for your puppy!

Products for farm- and hereditary animals. We’re the Countryside animal specialist and have food for all farm animals.


Chicken Pet store Winking Cavy has a wide range of chicken supplies. For the small hereditary animals can find everything you need. There is a variety of chicken feed available for chickens such as laying grains, mixed grains and even tasty snacks. Of course you can also go for beautiful chicken coops. In addition, we also have feed for poultry.


Horse accessories, horse feed and more can be found at horse shop Winkey Cavy. We have a wide range for your horse. Many different food types and brands, there is a food available for every horse. Or do you want to spoil your horse after hard work? Give him a tasty snack. Of course the rider is also considered. With good riding pants, boots and gloves you steal the show in equestrian sport. After taking care of your horse, put it back in the stable with a beautiful halter.