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Rabbit with girl

We have grown in recent years as the specialist of dogs, puppies and dog supplies. Almost all dog stuff from our Dog Shop are now imported from all parts of the world, such as dog cages, puppy runs, dog toys and dog baskets.

We are also the reliable party for breeders and kennels. With a very large range of Vetbeds, Kennel panels, Puppy kennels and much more, the real dog lover can kiss and judge in our Dog Petstore!

You will find all well-known brands of dog food, the suitable dog bed or dog pillow, the right dog cage or dog leash and the appropriate dog house. You will also find a wide range of dog toys, dog snacks and dog clothes with us.

A selection from our range of dog food and supplies you can find online on this website, including dog food from: Royal Canin, Eukanuba, Prince dog food, Devotion, Hills dog food, Cavom dog food, Iams dog food, Breeder, Topper, Smolke, ECOstyle, Nutro, Beneful, Pro Plan and more much more dog food!

We’re your specialist in the field of dog supplies! Everything is always 20 to 50% cheaper than elsewhere!

We only offer products that we fully support. Compare the best pet stores, reviews, feeding guide, ingredients glossary, retailer locator and much much more! Winking Cavy is the one-stop shop for all pet needs.